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Cheryle D. Sincock

Born 1946, 55 years old

Cheryle D. Sincock, a 15-year civil service employee, mother of four children, and beloved wife of Chief Warrant Officer Five Craig W. Sincock, was one of the many victims of the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon. She and her husband were married for nearly 25 years and had planned to celebrate their anniversary in October in Las Vegas. Her dedication to her job and her family best describes her purpose in life. 

Cheryle was the third of thirteen children, born in Currie, Minnesota. A memorial was held for her and another co-worker on Monday, September 17, 2001 by her other fellow workers at the Pentagon. She was well loved by her family and all who knew her for her many kind acts. Her spirit of giving will not be forgotten. It is with deep sorrow and heavy hearts that we bid her farewell and know that we shall never be the same without her. 

To my wife Cheryle. 

Thank you Cheryle for over a quarter of a century of happiness, joy, friendship and love. 

Thank you for your patience when my ego became too big. You always had the right word or expression
to bring me back to the correct place. 

Thank you for being there even when I thought I wanted to be alone. You somehow knew what was good for me. 

Thank you for being my best friend. You never wavered and never doubted. Your trust in me made me feel worthwhile when I thought all was lost. 

Thank you for taking care of me and the family. When I was not available, you were always there. 

When I was too involved in myself, you were always there. And when you yourself were sick, you were still always there. 

Thank you for being my confidante. In those times when I needed to talk out my frustrations and despairs, you always listened. And you always knew what to tell me… and when. 

Thank you for being the love of my life. Your smile and sometimes your devilish expression never failed to make me feel like a he-man. 

We must have had some bad words between us… but I can’t remember them. 

We must have argued at times… but I can’t remember when. 

We must have had some things we didn’t like about each other… but I can’t remember any. 

What I do remember is that I love you and I will miss you dearly. 

What I know is that you are in the right place and are starting that second half of life’s eternal journey. 

I will be with you someday. Until then please help me prepare myself correctly to meet you so that I may walk with you hand-in-hand for the remainder of eternity.


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